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Are your candles and wax melts eco-friendly?
Yes! Our products are made from soy wax, natural fragrance oils and coloring. The soy wax burns more cleanly and allows for super easy cleanup compared to mass-marketed paraffin wax candles.

Our candles use zinc-free and lead-free cotton wicks, all natural soy wax, and only the finest phthalate-free fragrances. We load them up with the maximum amount of fragrance for both a strong hot and cold throw.

Why choose a soy wax product?
The most talked about attribute of soy candles are their ability to burn clean. As paraffin wax burns, it creates soot. This sooty residue can be left behind on walls, drapes and furnishings.

What is soot and is it dangerous?
Soot is a solid particle that results from incomplete combustion of carbon containing fuels. This is called petro-carbon soot which is not found in soy wax. Lower soot levels help maintain a cleaner air quality and reduce home maintenance associated with soot deposits.

What are the risks of burning a paraffin wax candle?
There are several carcinogen compounds (cancer-causing agents) found in paraffin candles. Researchers caution that the very young, the elderly and those with respiratory diseases like asthma should avoid exposure to candle soot.

What is a wax melt?
Wax melts are blocks of wax divided into cubes in a clamshell container. They are made the same way container candles are, but because they don’t have wicks, they’re perfect for use in places where you can’t/don’t want a flame, such as a dorm, apartment, or around children and pets.

How big are your wax melts?
Our tarts are 2.5-3 oz. blocks of wax and have an excellent scent life!

How do I use wax melts?
Remember, wax melts do not have wicks and are not candles. You will need a warmer in order to melt them.

Simply snap off 1 or 2 wax cubes and add to the top of your tea-light/electric warmer to melt. The solid wax cube will begin to melt when heated, releasing the scent. Wax can be re-melted until it is no longer fragrant. Each cube should put off fragrance for approximately 8 hours. Wax melts do not evaporate like candles. Wait for wax to cool and discard wax in the trash. DO NOT pour hot wax down sink drains. 

How big are your candles?
Our candles are available in 4oz, 8oz and 16oz jars. Don’t let the slight size fool you: Our candles have a great burn life and typically range between 15-75+ hours, depending on candle size.

Are your fragrances non-toxic?
Yes! We use natural fragrances infused with essential oils. Our fragrances are non-toxic, paraben and phthalate-free.

Any tips on burning the candles?
Glad you asked! Always leave the wick long (as is) for the first burn and be sure to burn long enough for the melted wax to reach the sides of the jar. This ensures a complete and even burn all the way down. Wax has a memory and will never burn properly if not allowed to burn long enough each time you burn. For every subsequent burn, always trim the wick down to ¼” and again, be sure to let the candle burn long enough.


Do you have a list of your scents?
Yes! Each candle listing here contains a description that includes the prevalent scent notes. We do not include the actual scents (for proprietary reasons) but rather describe the scents to give you an idea of what you’ll smell in the candle.

What if I don’t like the scent?
Please keep in mind that these candles and tarts are novelty items that are artistically created based on my personal interpretation of a particular inspiration. This may or may not agree with your interpretation of the original inspiration for the scents. Scents are personal and subjective and we ask that you keep that in mind when purchasing and leaving reviews. Of course, if you don’t like it, please see our Returns/Exchanges Policy info.


What is your current processing time?
Our current turnaround time is 7-10 business days before your order ships, but it is often much sooner. If the turnaround time is extended (if we are on vacation, there's a large influx of orders, etc.), we will always post that on the website and on our social media accounts.

What if I have a special request?
If you need an order by a certain date or have other instructions, requests, or questions related to your order, please be sure to send us a note with your order.

Can I include a Gift Message?
Sure! We are happy to include a short note (around 10 words) for you, free of charge! Just leave us the message in the Notes to Seller section when you checkout and we'll take care of it. Always be sure to include your name so the recipient knows who the gift is from.

Do you Gift Wrap?
All of our products are wrapped in bubble wrap and decorative tissue paper, and are carefully packed into their box.


Do you accept returns and exchanges? 
We understand that it can be challenging to purchase candles online. We are happy to accept returns and exchanges for unused/unlit candles and wax melts in their original condition within 7 days of your package's delivery date. We do not accept returns for tea light sample packs or custom candles. Please be sure to include your invoice and/or name and order number in your return package.

RETURNS - As soon as we receive the item(s) back, we will issue a refund minus the original shipping fees as those have already been paid to USPS.

EXCHANGES - As soon as we receive the item(s) back, we will contact you about arranging return shipping for your new items.


USPS Shipping
All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, unless otherwise specified. Unfortunately, we cannot ship via UPS or FedEx so if you have issues receiving mail from USPS, please contact us before placing an order.

Summer Shipping
Please be mindful when ordering during warm months that soy was is notorious for softening and melting when left outside in the heat/sun. We advise you to ship to an indoor address or one where someone can receive the order promptly. Once Upon A Wick™ is not responsible for packages that have been bested by the elements. Please treat the candles and wax melts like you would any other perishable item that you are having shipped!

Can you ship to PO Boxes?
Yes! We will ship anywhere that USPS will deliver!

Do you ship to other countries?
Yes! We ship worldwide! Please add whatever you’d like to your cart and the system will calculate the shipping for you.

My package has been lost/stolen! What can I do? 
Unfortunately, as soon as we deliver to USPS for delivery to you, it is completely out of our hands and out of our control. At this point, the most appropriate and helpful source of information is your tracking number (included in your shipping confirmation that we will send you when your order ships) and your local USPS branch office. Please contact your local USPS branch and give them the tracking number for more information. If an order is marked as "Delivered" but you have not received it, please follow these steps:

1. Verify the shipping address is correct.
2. Check with anyone who may have picked up the package (roommate, family member, neighbor, etc.).
3. Call or take the tracking number to your local USPS branch for more information.

Once Upon A Wick™ is not responsible for packages that have been stolen or otherwise lost. If it has been marked as "Delivered," we cannot file an insurance claim as USPS deems their responsibility completed at this point.

What if my order is delayed?
If your order is delayed past its ESTIMATED arrival date, please contact USPS with your tracking number as that is also out of our control. We do apologize, but we are not responsible for errors made by USPS.
What if I receive a broken candle?
Please always open your packages asap to ensure the candles all arrived safely. If they did not, please send us a photo of the breakage to help@onceuponawick.com along with your full name and order number and we’re happy to send a replacement. Please be careful discarding the glass!


Do you offer rewards/discounts for frequent buyers? 
Yes! Please register for a rewards account and start earning discounts! There are all sorts of ways to earn points and they add up super fast!

Can I use multiple discounts?
Sorry, the system will only allow one discount at a time.


Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! We are always looking to collaborate with other vendors, subscription boxes and other small businesses. Please email us at wholesale@onceuponawick.com and we’ll be sure to contact you about discussing the details.